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With a master’s degree in Human Resource Development and Personnel Management, Shekhar had an early start in the development sector as part of his professional career.

During his vast exposure of working for a decade with various development organisations, Shekhar very distinctly recognised and was deeply draw to attend to one of the significant need for creative learning and skilled training in a developing country like India with the largest growing youth population in the world.  

With his zeal to create a dynamic module and bring creative solutions to help the younger generation in need, Shekhar decided to create Audience of One Foundation, a development interface that brings qualitative exposure to inspire learning.

“The process of building individual capacity is crucial to strengthen community level initiatives. As we discover new ways of doing so, we can help people rise beyond the demands of survival, into the discovery of creatively inspired future.”

Shekhar GateFounder, Executive Director

The Team

It was visiting and playing with children in hospital at the age of 10 that had sparked Moira’s passion for helping young children in need.

With over 20 years of senior management level experience, Moira has worked in Asia pacific, India, Australia and the US in the banking and finance sector. With her global experience in culture, leadership and skill development, Moira is most passionate about mobilising every aspect of creative learning, as she believes it is the way forward into a lasting change for young individuals.

“In many parts of the world there is so much need to help others where something or someone has failed them - whether its a meal, clothing, an education, or opportunities to assist them to change their own circumstances, have a purpose in life, value themselves and others, supporting them in ways that they gain an understanding that they can change their circumstances - change is possible.

The Audience of One community in all its capacity want to help the young and venerable to know how they can own their future and have a life different to the one they have today - out of destitution, out of poverty, out of child labor, out of violence and abuse and into a future of hope, possibilities and opportunities. It takes a community to make this happen.”

Moira Dickson, Co-founder

In her work experience of last 37 years, Ramola has been actively involved in promoting sustainable development programs and strategy’s since the year 1983.
Her first research internship was on government rural development schemas and policies with the Centre of Science for Villages (CSV) in northern Maharashtra.

Post that she worked as the national program coordinator for the Institute of Gandhian Studies, Sewagram. She also started freelancing for field research in social
innovation and impact management programs for Gandhi Peace Centre New Delhi.

Further she undertook a special assignment as an associate research analyst for appropriate technology for rural development and low cost housing. This program was designed in association with a panel of senior faculty professors for the department of architecture at the Vishvesvaraya Collage of Engineering (VRC) Nagpur.

Almost a decade after, Ramola’s work started to diversify more towards women and child welfare in rural India. In 1995 she was working as a specialised analyst and training coach for woman and rural development with YUVA Mumbai.

This simultaneously opened new axes to destitute women and children welfare projects with key focus on critical social and emotional skills such as self-awareness, emotional regulation, social skills, goal setting and responsible decision-making.
Soon she also became a consultant for project evaluation methodology and impact strategy.

In the year 1997 Ramola first connected with AVP International, an organisation with a long foundation of work in the USA and UK on creative conflict resolutions. As part of their global affiliation of network Ramola became one of their key founding facilitator for India. Over the next 20 years she extensively worked both nationally and internationally as part of the global facilitators community. The program in depth covers topics such as Alternate Towards Violence, Conflict Mapping, Trauma Healing and Gander Equality.

These diverse experiences fostered her strong
sense of identity as well as her ability to build relationships with new communities across lines of differences.  

Ramola Tiwari, Program Director

“Our project was a resounding success. The level of service & professionalism was second to none.”

Kunal Robert, Business Name

Rave reviews

Ranjeet is a Mumbai based Advocate who advises on human rights and humanitarian law. He consults and serves as a subject matter expert on issues related to Child sexual exploitation (CSE).  

He co- founded Justice & Care, Transforming Lives Foundation (TLF) and SACMEP; he is currently the Chairman of TLF. In addition, he serves as a consulting counsel for contracting backed by development funds issued by multilateral funding agencies; his primary geographical focus for this is the Middle East and Africa.

Ranjeet received his L.L.B. degree with academic distinction from the University of Nagpur Law School in 2005. He received a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Transnational Crime and Justice wherein he specialised in comparative criminal law, humanitarian law, human rights law, transnational crimes and transitional justice from the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Turin Italy. In addition to his interest in the field of law, Ranjeet also holds a Masters in Economics.

Ranjeet Chouguley, Business Name

Karan is the founder of The Gentleman’s Community, a vintage fashion brand for men, specialized in curating and exhibiting a series of accessories from all over the world.  

As hospitality professional, Karan studied and worked in London and Singapore before returning back to Mumbai. Vintage male fashion is Karan’s passion and his commitment has proven him to be an expert at spotting and selecting unique item. He realised that the city offered little by way of vintage fashion solutions for men. As an ace stylist and a fashion consultant, he started his venture to share men’s sartorial inspiration.  

Karan is equally passionate about training human resource and contributing innovative and creative ideas to empower skilled job professions in the field of fashion and lifestyle.


Karan Bangara, Business Name